Tuesday 28 August 2018

Celebration Flash giveaway

Hey you guys, over the social media platforms for the blog we have hit 2000 (plus) that sounds braggy but really it is a this is why we are celebrating so thank you so much.

Our Twitter is at 2,883 followers and if you don't follow the blog on there yet you can find us by clicking HERE or searching @smbslt on there.

Our Facebook has hit over 2000 likes, if you don't follow us on there (and want to) click HERE, you can search our name, there are a few So Many Books, So Little Time but you recognise ours by miss paws.

And it was finally our Instagram catching up and hitting 2000 followers that prompted this wee giveaway. We had hit is and went under as folk followed the account then unfollowed once we added them? I do not understand that and have since blocked those accounts. Totally random, if you wish to follow us on Instagram you can click HERE or search @always_reading also Prince Trixie also her her own account (yes I am that sad human who created an account for her cat!) she is princess_trixie2018 or click HERE.

I put the feelers out across the medias and everyone seemed to like the wee mermaid pin. So that is the wee prize for this flash giveaway, will leave it up for approximately one week. As it is so small and we have support from across the globe it will be open world wide. It is so nice gabbing to bookworms and with the internet it means distance is no issue. Thanks for all the comments, likes, shares, recommendations, feedback AND for letting me know when a prize, RAK or giveaway arrives. SO much stuff goes out and not everyone lets me know it arrives, a wee notification it arrived is grand, a thank you is lovely.

If you missed it this is the prize, just one, as pictured, a wee mermaid pin or button, folk seem to call them different things. Good luck to all entering, please use the Rafflecopter below.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I like the legends about mermaids.

  2. They are beautiful but mysterious

  3. I love all the legends about them

  4. mermaids are fantastic they are seen as both good and evil.

  5. They are mysterious and elegant

  6. I love mermaids as they are magical and beautiful xx

  7. I love mermaids because they can sing, they are magical and they are always beautiful with fantastic hair

  8. My twin girls love the magic behind mermaids.

  9. Got to love the shiny gorgeous tails and they always have amazing hair despite being in salty sea water. What's their secret?! 😂

  10. love the colours of their tails x

  11. The lure of them-Completely magical.


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