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Faceless by Rob Ashman

Faceless (DI Rosalind Kray, #1)Faceless by Rob Ashman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - less than 1 day

Pages - 296

Publisher - Bloodhound Books

Source - Fellow book worm

Blurb from Goodreads

After surviving a vicious knife attack, which left her husband dead, DI Rosalind Kray returns to work and is handed a serial killer investigation.

This killer is different, he doesn’t just want to take the lives of his victims, he wants to obliterate their very existence. The murders appear random but the killer selects his quarry with meticulous care.

While fighting her superiors Kray must conquer her own demons, which are tearing her apart.

Kray has the ability to think like a killer and her skills lead to a series of horrifying revelations that turn the case on its head. She believes she is getting close, then her world comes crashing down with devastating consequences.

Will Kray find the murderer and escape with her own life in tact?

The truth is closer than she could have ever imagined…

My Review

DI Kray has just came back to work after almost losing her her own life in a vicious attack, one that killed her husband. Her first proper case is a serial killer and this is a killer unlike any they have came up against so far. Murdering people in a horrific fashion but the violation does not end there and this killer is smart, has a plan and no one is getting in their way.

Ooft guys, this is my first dance with this author. The scenes are really graphic so absolutely not for the faint hearted. You can here the noise in the room (in one particular scene), feel the vibrations, taste the acrid smell and it is a talented writer that can carry you into a scene like that. The killer is really smart and meticulous in the details, choices and planning that goes into everything they do.

The chapters are short and you know, if you follow my reviews, that I love that. We have first and third person narration, first person is when we hear from the killer and it also gives us insight into a tormented soul who has decided on the direction their live will take. Things from their part that shaped the person they have become and the why behind the horror they create. Third person is when we are with the investigation and everyone else.

Kray is a great character, obviously dealing with a horrendous recent past and bereavement, returning to her job and taking on a mammoth task. Not only that, some of her colleagues are actual muppets, vile, pathetic and you want to slap them. She is skilled in catching bad guys and her skills are pushed to the limit, no one is safe and the killer is fearless. Absolutely a page turner, whilst it is my first dance with this author it won't be my last, 4.5/5 for me this time. I have the next book on my tbrm, I will need to bump it up!

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  1. You make this sound so good. It sounds realistic in a way that pits the reader right into the story. With a book like this, such intensity can make for a very effective but disturbing read.


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