Thursday 21 April 2011

Wedding Season by Katie Fforde

Meet Sarah Stratford, a cynical wedding planner (not known to her clients of course) after being badly hurt in the past she has given up on love, but loves arranging a good wedding. Her partners in crime are Elsa a fabulous dress maker whose life is her work and has no time for all that love nonsense and the final part of the trio is Bron. A multi-talented hairdresser who lives with her demanding self obsessed boyfriend who would rather she was at home looking after his every need than out doing hairdressing!

Sarah finds herself doing the biggest wedding of her career and roping her friends in to help. If that isn't enough she has a family wedding to plan on the same day and can't let either one down.

What follows is a fabulous story delving a bit deeper into the girls characters/lives and why they are the way they are and slowly following them and their attitudes growing and changing as they all get more involved.

This is quite a girly read (no kidding sherlock with the title) but I really enjoyed it. Not challenging in the least, easy to follow and most of the time the characters are really likeable.

It also reminded me a bit more of a padded out Mills and Boon with a bit more story to it, definately a good pick up book or even a holiday read 4/5 for me.

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  1. I haven't heard of this. It sounds like a cute book - hard not to be when weddings are involved.


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