Sunday 3 April 2011

House of Silence by Linda Gillard

Sadly this isn't available in print yet but people are showing their loyalty and love of Lindas work by downloading it and reading it on their PC(or kindles/e-readers/blackberrys etc). I am not a fan at all of any electronic reading device as nothing cuts it for me over the paper book in your hand. However I am showing my support for a great author and for £1.90 you really can't complain. So why not try something new and help get her to no.1

HOUSE OF SILENCE is now available to buy on Amazon for Kindle (£1.90.) Go people!!! Buy it, read it and *please review it on Amazon* because Amazon reviews (and the price) are what make e-book buyers click.


"My friends describe me as frighteningly sensible, not at all the sort of woman who would fall for an actor. And his home. And his family."

Orphaned by drink, drugs and rock n’ roll, Gwen Rowland is invited to spend Christmas at her boyfriend Alfie's family home, Creake Hall - a ramshackle Tudor manor in Norfolk. She's excited about the prospect of a proper holiday with a proper family, but soon after she arrives, Gwen senses something isn't quite right. Alfie acts strangely toward his family and is reluctant to talk about the past. His mother, a celebrated children's author, keeps to her room, living in a twilight world, unable to distinguish between past and present, fact and fiction. And then there's the enigma of an old family photograph...

When Gwen discovers fragments of forgotten family letters sewn into an old patchwork quilt, she starts to piece together the jigsaw of the past and realises there's more to the family history than she's been told. It seems there are things people don’t want her to know.

And one of those people is Alfie…

Praise for Linda's fourth novel HOUSE OF SILENCE…

"Linda Gillard is a great favourite of us here at Bookbag because she writes intelligent fiction. It's the sort that you read and enjoy and then go back to the beginning and read again to find our how she did it. They're always brilliant reads and tremendous value.

HOUSE OF SILENCE is like life: it doesn't work out quite the way you expect and it's only when you look back afterwards that you understand why.

The book is intricately plotted, with some great characters who stay with you long after you've finished reading. I've surprised myself by being just a little bit in love with one of them - but I'm not going to tell you who!

Linda Gillard makes the writing of a book appear effortless, but believe me, plots like this require real talent (and perhaps a little bit of blood, sweat and tears)."

“A story layered deep in pretence and secrecy, HOUSE OF SILENCE provides readers with the puzzle-solving pleasure of golden age detective fiction, complete with letter fragments from the past and the gothic backdrop of Creake Hall. The writing is sharp and crisp, with an edge of dark humour. Unwinding through the narrative like a chain is the hold that the dead have upon the living. I loved it.”
ROSY THORNTON (The Tapestry of Love)

"A totally engaging read, full of warmth and perception.”
VICTORIA CONNELLY (A Weekend with Mr Darcy)

Praise for Linda Gillard’s other novels…

“Haunting, lyrical and intriguing.”
ISLA DEWAR (Keeping up with Magda)

“I can heartily recommend Linda Gillard… Excellent.”
ADELE GERAS (Facing the Light)

“The emotional power in these novels makes this reviewer reflect on how Charlotte and Emily Bronte might have written if they were living and writing now.”


  1. I do hope this comes to print as I dont have an ereader yet.

    I am just finishing Star Gazing by Linda Gillard.
    I loved it! I want more. :)


  2. I'm struggling to get through review ebooks on my laptop so I'm not sure whether to buy at not but at that price I might have to! I'll probably get a Kindle eventually, I just like my real books so much!

  3. me too PWB, I hate anything other than books but with the price and the fact shes our wee RISI author how could I resist :D this is my first read of hers

  4. I don't either DizzyC I just downloaded the kindle reader for the pc so I could get it that way :) Its free to download


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