Sunday 17 April 2011

Night Warriors by Graham Masterton

Out of innocence came forth unspeakable evil...

Henry was the first to reach the body, while Gil and Susan walked cautiously closer, and then stood watchinf. It was the body of a beautiful young girl, naked, like a peacefully sleeping mermaid. Never in their most traumatic nightmares could they have imagined the convulsive violence which followed.

From the first few pages you are hooked and horrified from the discovery of a young girl ripped apart by terrifying creatures and as the horror unravels more evil is revealed as is the trios destiny to fight it. Some of the scenes in this novel are really brutal and descriptive. Not only in a violent sense but also strong sexual descriptions. Definately not for the faint hearted or easily offended.

The book then takes on a battle between good and evil and these ordinary everyday people take on 'the devil' and its spawn. The battles take place in the dream world where the playing field is altered and we delve into the history of the night warriors and the beast itself.

The book goes along at a fairly decent pace with interactions and a build up of the characters and their familys aswell as the preparations for battle although I felt somethings could have been dealt with in more depth and somethings wouldn't have been missed had they been left out as it didn't have any impact on the main story.

I would definately read another of his books but this one is a 3/5 for me.


  1. Welcome to blogland Lainey :D

    I'm on a re-read of the vampire chronicles (and Mayfair witches) after a break of donkey's years and have to say I'm liking them....just not as much as I 'thought' I liked them from before.

    Still good though :D

  2. Funny how things change as we mature isnt it. I read them maybe a decade ago and loved them, once I get my mountain down I really should try them again


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