Sunday 17 April 2011

30 day book challenge day 2

Day 2 - Your least favourite book of all time is either a clockwork orange or Moby Dick by Herman melville

I actually thought I had posted this today, must have been facebook! I think 12 pages (or close to that) of describing the ship decking is just ridiculous and a lot of the book dragged like that so that by the time something had actually started to happen I had lost the will to read it. I ended up leaving it behind in a hotel room in Paris and it took me over a week to read. I am one of those people who hate giving up on a book no matter how bad it is.

The other contender

I was told the movie was brilliant so I paid nearly £18 for it and really disliked it. I then got the book and thought maybe that would be better, I HATED it, the way they spoke, the way it was written. The language used, infact I can't remember one thing I liked about it yet there are people who loved both of them yet for me it was torture.


  1. lol, I've just this minute posted mine!

    Moby Dick - not read it, don't think I will now! A Clockwork Orange, however, I've read the book AND seen the film and found both interesting ...

  2. £18?! I think I bought a copy for £3! I think you have to like the surreal to enjoy Clockwork Orange, the book is quite hard going and if I hadn't seen the film I probably would have had no idea what was going on.

    Someone at work asked if I'd read Moby Dick the other day. Don't know why. Knowing my luck they'll be a copy waiting on my desk tomorrow!

  3. Lol Suzie heading over now and isn't it funny how opinions differ so much on one thing. For me it is more boggling if it is two people who have similar tastes in books so I shall need to browse through and see what ones we have in common.

    PWB it was many years ago and from HMV I think so probably an import. LOL if you have I would use it as a paper weight :P


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