Monday 25 April 2011

The Blood That Bonds by Christopher Buecheler (review)

I loved this book (no suprises there with it being a vampire book!). Add to that it is absolutely free for the Kindle and now available in tree book form ( it is a win win.

Two is living a life going nowhere, controlled by a deadly addiction and dangerous way of life ruled by her pimp and going through the paces surviving day to day. Suddenly a client comes along requesting her by name and things start changing fast and furious.

Two delves into a whole other world, where one addiction is traded for another but here she has freedom of choice, love, feelings and emotions she thought had long since gone. But just as things are looking up and she is back on her feet the Elder has other plans that conflict with Two and Theorans and suddenly hers and everyone she has touched in her new lives existance is threatened.

This book has great pace, excitement and a few new turns for a vampire book. The only thing I would say is there are a few sex scenes which are quite graphic (as well as all the blood) that some people might be uncomfortable with.

This is the first installment of the series and the second one is currently being written and due out this year YAY.

5/5 for me

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  1. looking forward to reading this and breaking my Kindle cherry!


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