Friday 22 April 2011

Follow Friday (3)

This is my third one (I think) and to be honest from the few I have tried this one if fun, it works and some people actually come back and forth with you rather than a one off visit which I feel is pointless. What is the point in having a big list of followers who never actually respond to anything you write or you to them? I always reply to a comment and tend to visit back (more than once) with the people who are ineterested in what you say and take the time to respond to something you have written (wether on your site or theirs).

You can find more details on the FF by clicking below

and if that doesn't work head over to

This weeks question, what is on your playlist?

Mine is potential wedding songs which I can't share with you at the moment. Pink is always on there and some oldies :D

Happy blogging and FF peeps

P.s the pre-loved giveaway for Kill The Messenger is still open (until the end of the month) Just reply and let me know how to contact you (not everyones profile clicks to their blog) you can leave your email if you wish or your blog url :)


  1. Well said! I like the blog hop but do try and only follow blogs I'm interested in reading and/or participating in.

  2. Thank you .

    I try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt and try blogs I normally have no interet in (aswell as those I do obviously) but it just seems pointless adding people and then never responding. The whole point to this was finding new and inetersting blogs, authors and people you can chat books with.

  3. Hey, happy friday! Thanks for stopping by my FF! Are there wedding bells in your future? I agree with you about the followers, I am always putzing around the blogosphere checking out peoples blogs, that why I love FF, its a good way to keep in touch with the other bloggers! Thanks for the follow, I’m following you back!

  4. Awww...Are you getting married?
    Happy Friday!

  5. Are you getting married soon? If so, congratulations! :)

  6. Good luck on all the plans if you're getting married, or if you're helping someone else who is! I don't have any idea what wedding music sounds like except for the one played while the bride walks down the aisle.

  7. Cool! Come check out my FF when you get a chance :)

  8. A wedding song, huh? How fun! Congratulations. :) And Pink is good!

    Rebecca @ kindle fever


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