Thursday 7 April 2011

House Of Silence by Linda Gillard - my review

House Of Silence starts with the introduction of our main characters, how they meet and the build up of their relationship.

Gwen has no family to call her own so when she gets the chance to meet and spend christmas with Alfies she jumps at it. Alfie isn't keen on spending Christmas with his family but it is tradition and the only time he does. He warns Gwen he is different around them and to prepare her for the meeting.

As the story progresses we see a different Alfie and pick up on the families waryness at a stranger being brought in and more so when Gwen starts to notice things aren't quite what they seem. Relationships bloom and secrets threaten to spill out aswell as an unexpected attraction. Marek is the gardiner, quiet, mysterious and knows a lot about the family and Gwen finds herself drawn to him.

This story has so many levels to it. Half way through I thought it was going to flag but instead found myself glued to the next page to find out what the secret is and how it all unravels. A totally unexpected conclusion but I really enjoyed this book and glad I got this as and at £1.90 it was a total steal. 5/5 for me.

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