Friday 29 April 2011

Review Beyong Exile (day by day Armageddon) by J L Bourne

This is the second book in the journey of a mans survival in a world over run by the dead. Again as with the first book we are reading his journal entries day by day and sometimes more than one entry per day.

It picks up where the first book has left off (with a small recap of the previous incase you hadn't read it). When you think most of the fast pace and excitement was covered in the first book you would be wrong, my heart has been thumping reading this one.

More nerve wracking situations as the survivors try to keep ahead of the dead, get supplies and maintain some(any) kind of normal existance. We are introduced to more characters and more depth of those we know and knew, and heart stopping action all in the name of survival.

I love this book and was not disappointed, sometimes with sequels it can drag or you are let down but this is definately not the case this time. I was hooked from book one and continue to be so, great paced and well written.

5/5 for me.

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