Wednesday 24 August 2011

Review - Married Lovers by Jackie Collins

Married LoversMarried Lovers by Jackie Collins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The joy of getting over 100 pages in to realise this is another book I have read, the 3rd this week. I couldn't remember the end though so stuck with it.

Jackie Collins doing what she does best, junk food for the brain. Petty spoilt rich bitches, sex, drugs and skulduggery.

Cameron Paradise, Paradise the chosen name after running away from her abusive husband has fled to L.A to make a new life for herself as a fitness trainer with big plans on the horizon.

Ryan Richards indepndant movie maker, married to Mandy Richards daughter of a multi millionaire and the spoilt attitude to go with it is reasessing his life and love for his wife, does he want to pursue it try counselling or jsut go for a divorce.

Cameron and Ryans paths soon cross and there starts an attraction that neither of them want to admit. Cameron has a boyfriend on the quiet, a client who wants nothing more than to make her his and it is Ryans best friend.

It is the usual Collins classic, lives all tangled and linked and plenty of scandal and secrets to be reveiled. 4/5 for me. Decent paced and easy to read (I should think so I have read it twice).

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  1. Hi Lainey, thanks for stopping by My 2 Cents and reading my post about Thunder Dog. I wanted to probably are...but if not I wanted to tell you to check out That is where I get a lot of my books for review including this one. You pick what book you want to review and they send it to you. No guesswork to it like other sites were you say u want to read 20 books and don't end up getting any because of the number of people requesting the books and the limited number per books for review. Thx again.

  2. I went and had a look but don't think that one is available anymore :(

  3. who dies in the book i really want to know!!!! please someone please tell me


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