Monday 22 August 2011

Review - The Lazy Crew by Jon KuCala

The Lazy CrewThe Lazy Crew by Jon KuCala

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Blurb from the Website

With a dark twist on the classic thriller novel, Jon KuCala reveals that evil wears many faces in this unforgettable experience of psychological terror.

During the uncertain, dwindling days of the late 1980s, the small community of Riverbank, Pennsylvania has fallen prey to a sadistic killer known only as “Jack-Man,” who is robbing the town of its solace and peace of mind, piece by gruesome piece. For a group of misbegotten friends, as well as the flawed detective who is obsessed with the one case he is unable to solve, the horror of Jack-Man is about to hit shockingly close to home.

Elsewhere in the Midwest, two equally brutal serial murderers, who share a terrifying link with Jack-Man and his Riverbank crimes, are on the loose. But what could that link be? And how can it ever be broken?

As the 1980s give way to the turbulent nineties, the surviving victims of Jack-Man’s bloody rampage try to put the past behind them and move on with their lives. But they are about to cross paths with the elusive maniac one last time, thrusting them into a harrowing battle of wills fought on Jack-Man’s own hellish turf that threatens to not only destroy their own lives, but the lives of those they love as well.


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Donna is obsessed with her father, believing him to be a monster and not human. He had to be after what he did to her, surely? On the 5th anniversary of his death she goes to the cemetary with her friend and boyfriend to prove this. If he was human then she will be able to pick up his vibes and if she can do that he was human and in turn so is she. Unfortunately the night doesn't work out like that and Donna falls victim to the serial killer Jack-man. So starts the hunt for the killer the town thought has disappeared two years ago.

For the first quarter of this story I didn't think I was going to like it. It jumped about a fair bit, present to past depending on which character the chapter was concentrating on but easy to follow whereas this method of writing can so easily confuse and put you off, not really the case for this story. There also was a bit of random swearing that at points didn't really seem necessary but as the characters develop and the story unfolds you get past this and tune into what is actually going on.

The murders are brutal and we get glimpses of the killer when the author concentrates on him through snippets in chapters throughout the story.

The books follows the survivors through their lives and how they cope and pull through the tragedy and when fate pulls them together again it looks like the whole lazy crew will be joining Donna or will they?

As I said the first quarter was a bit touch and go but once the storyline background was established I was hooked, couldn't put it down and read it in one day. 4 out of 5 for me

Available for $19 in paperbook in the US and $14 ebook format from Dorrance

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  1. Sounds good Lainy. Is it a one off or part of a series of books?

    Thanks for the info about Dorrance. I have registered with them as per your link.

  2. As far as I know (and could find) it is the only one, and for the price of it a good bargain.

    Fabby, if I find any other review related I will pass it along :)


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