Wednesday 6 July 2011

Review - Posted to death by Dean James

Posted To Death (Simon Kirby-Jones Mysteries #1)Posted To Death by Dean James

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Posted to death is, in this case a book being posted to death :D. It is making its way around some of my friends on Risi and started out in the USA. So far it has travelled 6230 miles (unpon getting to me) and will be heading to England I believe next.

It is a fabulous non challenging wee read and for me I was sold with "it has a gay vampire in it", I do love vampire books and this is a first for me. Simon Kirby-Jones is our star and author himself, he moves to a wee village in England. Filled with busy bodies and all the other antics of a small close knit town Simon finds himself surrounded by drama of all kinds.

With the threat of an expose play based on the village peoples secrets a murder occurs and the book is basically about finding out who done it and revealing the characters of the village (and the secrets they would rather keep quiet).

It is a funny, naughty, intriguing and for me, quick, fun read. The first two lines had me hooked 'The vicar doesn't know I'm a vampire. Nor does he know I'm gay'. That was it for me. The book also has a different take on vampires in that they can do things normal vampires can't and this is due to medication. It gives a brief explanation on it, certainly enough for you to follow it and I would hope in the series follow ups it gives a bit more detail on that. 4/5 for me and I will certainly be looking out for the follow up.

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  1. I really enjoyed this too and you can look forward to receiving Faked to Death in due course. :)


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