Thursday 21 July 2011

Review - Fallen Angel by Maggie Wilson

Fallen AngelFallen Angel by Maggie Wilson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blurb from goodreads

Sister Cate Carter has been working at Westwood General Hospital for many years and always loved her job. Until the world according to Cate came crashing down when two detectives marched on to her ward. Ward 73 gave them cause for suspicion, more and more deaths were occurring with no reasonable explanation of why. This had happened before, not at Westwood General, not recently, but it had happened. David Waters, a name very well known in the medical world, was being brought up again. David was responsible for the deaths of seven patients, at least that s all they could get him for. He claimed he just wanted to put his patients out of their misery. Is this a copy-cat murderer? Or is there really another David Waters killing their patients and getting away with it?

My review

The book kicks off fairly quickly, going over the murders years ago of David Waters and then to present day. Someone strikes at Westwood General and takes patients down with no apparent link in how they choose or when they will attack again. DS Charlie Hammond is on the case and conducting interviews and making the lives hell of the staff trying to find his killer.

I liked the pace, it wasn't rushing to the end whilst not keeping you hanging around forever. I didn't like the detectives switching from inappropriate behaviour towards the object of his affections during such a massive scaled investiagtion, to hardcore cop. And his arrogance irritated me but then there where sides to his character I could tolerate and almost like. The same goes for Sister Carter, sometimes she seemed like someone you could relate to then she would behave in a way that had the character been infront of you, you would have been hard pushed not to have slapped her.

The story is told simplistically enough that even if you have no medical background or knowledge you can follow it perfectly well as the author takes you through the explanations in plain english. I got a little confused right at the end and had to re read it to see what had happened but it had a very good twist and I will be looking out for no.2, 4/5 for me.

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