Sunday 17 July 2011

Review - The Forbidden Vampire, The Inception book 1 by William Wdowiasz

The Forbidden Vampire: The Inception, Book IThe Forbidden Vampire: The Inception, Book I by William Wdowiasz

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

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My review

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Forbidden a vampire concieved from a woman and the Devil. A woman trying to hide her child from its "father"

The story starts with a brief description of Forbiddens conception and subsequent life into hiding. We are introduced to Richie and a brief history before he meets Gloria (and the names of the rivers and places he passes to find her, it gets a bit repetitive) and the story takes off from there.

The lingo when Richie talks really annoyed me, ending sentences with Yo, dude and man frequently, I found this fairly irksome and quite off putting! The book dabbles with many issues, satanism, virgin birth, Jesus and visions.

The story itself would have worked in that the vampire creation is a new and fresh idea but there was just too much of everything thrown in. Jumping back and forth from past to present, from one set of characters to several others, it was almost like 3 stories thrown into one there was so much going on.

By the end of the book I hated (yes a very strong word) Richie, an annoying ignorant idiot. I was delighted to get finished with this book and unless I am stuck with nothing to read and the second book came along free I won't be reading it. 1/5 for me (this is only the 2nd ever book to get such a rating) and the one is purely for the very small part I actually liked.

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