Tuesday 17 May 2011

Review Zombicorns by John Green (ebook)

Never take it as the cover might actually have any relevance to the book your about to read. I assumed there was going to be a unicorn or unicorns but nope not to be. The story had a few letters missing every so often from words and symbols in place which made it hard to read in some parts (this may have been an error or when I saved the .pdf to text (although this hasn't happened before).

The story itself was different (in the way the virus is brought about, the zombies themself quite a bit actually). It isn't meant to be taken serious(it isn't written with bulk or a beginning or end really) and it is a novella. At the start it does say there will be many questions with no answers so don't expect anything from this book at all.

It isn't particularly gorey, it certainly isn't a page turner and to be honest I am not sure where or what I would rate it as however overall a 2 of 5.

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