Monday 23 May 2011

Review - Tough Love by Kerry Katona

For me this read like a Jordan meets a tame Martina Cole novel, basically junk food for the brain and I loved it!

Meet Leanne Crompton the storys main character. She finds her celeb style world turned upside down when she loses her job as a glamour model. Having to provide for herself and daughter and until she gets back on her feet she has to go home to her less than desirable family and roots.

The press have always been intreaged with her daughters fathers identity, now that Leanne has fell on tough times will she sell him out and get what she deserves.

It has fights, bitchness and memorable characters. I also found myself likening some of the characters to people Kerry has rubbed shoulders with in the real celeb world and just how much from that she used when making her characters.

Light and enjoyable 4/5 for me.

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