Friday 13 May 2011

Review - Hot Blood And Cold Ashes by Jude Atkins

Blurb from the website
The body of a young Native girl found stripped and staked out has the Vancouver police department desperate to solve the crime before sparks of racial tension divide the community. Native Support Worker Jesse Dancer is called in as a liaison between detectives and his community, and he knows just where to turn for help.  
Beautiful Martine LaChance has intrigued him since she joined the support staff at Friendship Centre. Together, the pair call on Spirit Water, the sexy Medicine Man who's more than a casual acquaintance of Jesse's. When another murder raises the stakes even higher, passions flare and boundaries are tested.
My review

I think the first thing I have to say is this is an adult themed novel, if graphic words and adult content offends you this is not the book for you.  I have only read one other Erotic fiction and it was very different to this one.  It is very graphic right from the beginning so you will quickly know if it is for you or not.  The sex scenes are very graphic and even I was a bit shocked by just how graphic and descriptive it was. 

I loved the Indian rituals (something I haven't read about before) and the insight into it, meditation, smoke and visions (amoungst other adult content).  The murder story was pretty good too, very easy to read and follow and no complicated twists. 

It felt a bit bizarre as it was murder tangled in with very adult scenes but it didn't detract from the story although the two could have been different books as it didn't go hand in hand (I felt) it certainly didn't take away from the story.

This is a pretty quick read and I finished it in one sitting.  3/5 for me and I would try this author again.

The other good thing about these books is once you are done, if you submit a review for the author and from where you bought it they send you another ebook of your choice from the website.

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