Saturday 7 May 2011

Review - Belle by Lesley Pearse

You know a book is good when your up hours past bedtime with your nose stuck in it!

Belle is a 15 year old child, very innocent despite being brought up in a brothel.  Her mother worked hard to ensure Belle was kept in the dark about the goings on and succeeded for the most part.  However it all comes crashing down when Belle finds out in the most awful way first hand and is put in danger.

There follows a harrowing journey through the criminal world and the horror that Belle is subjected to.  This book is very graphic in some places and makes for tough reading at some points however you can't help but go on.  I was gripped practically from the start, following Belles progress and how she copes/survives and the journey of her loved ones who never gave up on her or the hope that she is still alive.

5/5 for me.

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