Monday 9 May 2011

Review - Diary In The Attic by Cindy L. Freeman

I recieved this book from Dorrance books

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Our main character Margaret Monroe is set in her ways, she has her routine and likes it just so.  So on a Friday night after a rough day at work and an arguement with her older aloof colleague she is looking forward to her ritual.  It is rudely interupted by a phone call and beeping answering machine, not to be disturbed she ignores it.  What follows throws her whole night into turmoil. 

Her colleague has been fatally injured in a car crash and is calling out for Margaret from her death bed.  Curiousity and a sense of duty calls her too answer(not to mention guilt from their earlier quarrel).  Corrine is slipping in and out of conscience and some of what she is saying doesn't sit with Margaret.  More so when Corrines mother is found dead and Corrine had her fatal accident fleeing the scene.

Did she do it?  Margaret doesn't know but feels she owes it to her to find out, with the help of her co worker and an attractive police office they find the diary in the attic and the answers to all of their questions.

This was a really easy read, I finished it in one sitting.  It isn't a thriller and certainly not the best book I have read but it was enjoyable and held my attention.  The only thing you may find off putting or even annoying is how it jumps from present day to the past without any real reason or seeming relevance to what is happening in that point of the story.  It does give more information and insight into each of the characters however it delays finding out the next part of the story when I really wanted to know about that diary.

All in all a good and easy read so 3/5 for me.

Can be bought here paperback for the US or as a ebook for anywhere else in the world

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