Wednesday 14 December 2011

Wish I Was Here for me is...................

is a wee feature from Janice Horton for in time with her new book

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So where am I wishing I was today? VEGAS BABY

If you need a why well it's hot, the slushes from the Cocacola stores are awesome. The shows are second to none and we went there for a wedding and Honeymoon. I have been to Vegas twice I hope to go back in the new year.


  1. Yeah Baby!! I wanna go too - I've always wanted to go to Vegas but never have (yet!
    I want to get married again (to the same man I've been married to for 28+ years lol) in the 'Little Chapel' by Elvis and stay at a glitsy over the top hotel! It must just be like disneyland for grown ups and I'd totally love that!! A fantastic 'Wish I Was Here..' choice.
    Love, Janice xx

  2. I've never been but it intrigues me and if I got the opportunity to go I definitely would! x

  3. Sounds great fun, and I'll join you if I may in your dream! Have a fabby day and sending Sunny Smiles :)

  4. Oh wow! Vegas sounds fun!



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