Thursday 8 December 2011

Author Interview & Giveaway with Jacqueline Gum, Confessions Of A Corporate Slut

Welcome Jacqueline and thank you for taking the time to answer some questions and this awesome giveaway (5 printed copies UK only, and 5 e-books international, see below the interview for the giveaway details).

How did you get started with writing?

[jacquelinegum] I started as a child with the good old fashioned lock and key diary. I felt like I had so many important things to say…. to myself! Laugh! Because I stuttered, writing was often was a way for me to “speak”. I wrote notes to my parents and my brother, and loved to correspond with letters to my cousins, too.

What is your book about?

[jacquelinegum] The premise deals with a successful woman who sells her business and applies her business acumen in an effort to help her husband and his business. But being a professional woman, she tackles the duties of a corporate wife as she would any career…balls out and fully invested! Laugh! To her, it was a lateral move.

Who would you say the book is aimed at?

[jacquelinegum] Almost any age group of women. For younger women, I think it might be more a cautionary tale. For women who came into their own in the 70’s and 80’s and shared a lot of these experiences, it seems to provide some affirmation that they weren’t the only ones. I’ve had women approach me who said they were embarrassed after the demise of their marriage, and this book enlightened them in knowing there is a whole herd of us out here! There’s comfort in that, somehow. In my mind, you can only get to that peaceful place when you admit complicity and take responsibility for your part. After all, who built that world for him and became a part of it? I’ve had men attend a few of my book club meetings to tell me that they really liked the work, and even a VP of FedX said that he loved it!
What inspired this book?

[jacquelinegum] My own marriage and a few like marriages. The era of women and their role in marriage was confusing during the 70’s and 80’s.Most women had very traditional role models in their mothers and grandmothers, yet were being encouraged…baited, really, do get out there and do it without men at all! Roberta, like many, tried to piece together some hybrid of those philosophies. I wanted to highlight that difference, so it’s a retrospective view. Though, I think some women are still falling into that trap.

Did anyone inspire you for you characters?

[jacquelinegum] Hillary Clinton, Silva Spitzer, myself, and a few close women friends who shared their stories with me.

Do you have another novel on the go? (if not what would you write about next?)

[jacquelinegum] Yes, I am in the last editorial stages of a book, working title, Bull Justice. The first few chapters can be found on my, as well as some published short stories, and the very beginnings of my third novel, The Flame Dame Chronicles

Where can your fans find you?[jacquelinegum] And, I’d love to be found!

My review of this book is here

Printed copies (for UK entries) Please use the contact form below, the author needs your name, address and telephone number as per Amazon delivery requiremets. For the e-books again please use the form below with you email address and name. The author will gift the cost of the book for download. Please respect the author and giveaway by getting the book gifted (I know we all respect the ARCs we get but some people have abused this gift service before, I know none of my readers would do this but must put it out there anyway, thanks).

This competition will run until Saturday the 17th of December when I will announce the winners, good luck.

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