Friday 30 December 2011

Review - One Voice Too Many by Paul Martin Midden

One Voice Too ManyOne Voice Too Many by Paul Martin Midden

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Blurb From Goodreads

Do we really know each other? Jeremy Walker seemed like a decent human being: hardworking, independent, intelligent. But he has a past that he can not quite shake and a terrible secret that only he knew. Despite a history of rocky relationships, he was determined to make a success of his relationship with Macy, an attractive woman who was similarly smart and independent. Will he succeed? The obstacles loom large.

My Review

The book starts really well, easy to follow and well written. Jeremy gets out of his car, walks and walks and walks until he stops at a diner, orders food and then just breaks. Whilst Jeremy lands in hospital the book jumps back to when he first meets Macy and even goes back to his previous relationship and family life.

We slowly learn the other side of Jeremy and how he "copes" and functions everyday and how his family see his behaviour. The book for me dragged in some places and then spelled out every thing else so you didn't have to think about anything as it was all laid out for you in minute detail.

Jeremy is socially awkward although he hides it well, as we follow his story we see his coping strategies and how it unravels and effects those around him. I think maybe if your into psychology and studying human behaviour you will really like this book but I went into it thinking it was a thriller and just felt it was a really long and drawn behaviour study with a story around those observations of Jeremy and his wife.

In the last quarter I thought something big was going to kick off but again it was more about behaviour and interaction than the big finale I thought was coming. Sadly this is a 2/5 for me. Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy, I would read this author again as the writing was smooth and easy to read it was just the focus and little actual content I had issue with.

This book is available on amazon for anyone wishing to read it.

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