Thursday 29 November 2018

Within The Silence by Nicola Avery Blog Tour

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Within the Silence by Nicola Avery, please check out the other stops on the tour.

I have a wee guest post from Nicola, enjoy.

I’ve always felt that I’ve done certain things before. Or knew things about places or properties I’d only just visited. Even felt instant connections, good and bad, to people I’d just met. This feeling could at times be very overwhelming and emotional. I also have no explanation for my desperate need to travel to Australia, where I lived for over ten years. I remember landing in Sydney, after an extensive trip through other countries, and announcing that ‘I was home’! Such a strange and powerful connection.

In my late twenties I returned back to the UK for a wedding. Whilst here I accompanied my parents to visit a small village in Sussex. Here I walked past an overgrown entrance to a driveway with a side view of a property. Against all advice I strode up this driveway to the house, now completely abandoned, the paint on the side entrance door chipped and faded, the windows curtain less, the garden out of control. On the main lawn I stood and faced this house, and knew it. Somewhere in my psyche I remembered and loved this building. So powerful were the emotions I even suggested coming back from Australia and living there if my father would buy it! He didn’t. When I returned back to Australia, photos of this abandoned property were put amongst my trip photos, no explanation could be found for my need to have these in the wedding trip album.

Five years later I received a letter from the UK in which contained a photo depicting that same house, with its name, a hay stack in the field beside the property with 3 young children dressed in Edwardian clothes. The photo had been in my dead grandmother’s personal collection.

When I came home to England, some five years later, I investigated my family tree, discovering that the property had once been rented by a member of my descendants back in 1780.

This was all too coincidental and, as a result, I decided to study and understand the concept of previous existences, testing myself where possible with my heightened intuition around this area. I have now mapped out most of the properties in the surrounding areas, and know names of those that lived there during this period and the relationship to one side of my family.

This fascination led me later to further investigations, guiding me to Glastonbury where I underwent a professional past life recall – the results were astounding. Still not convinced, but definitely intrigued, I later studied hypnotherapy and past life therapy myself, in an attempt to further understand the techniques and findings. After qualifying I provided past life therapy to a number of individuals and had the privilege to share some extraordinary stories and sessions with them.

Do I believe myself? Well I can’t verify everything as proven, but I can still astound a number of individuals with my knowledge of things, I couldn’t possibly know.

Within the Silence by Nicola Avery is published on 22nd November, you can buy yours now, CLICK HERE.


  1. What a fascinating post. I've never heard of a past life recall but want to read more about them now.

  2. How interesting. A great guest post, thanks Nicola and Llainy. Glastonbury is one of the places I long to go to .. as to whether or not I'd want to undergo past life recall though? As much as it fascinates me probably not. Anyway, definitely a book I'll keep a look out for.

  3. Very interesting topic, and a wonderful guest post!


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