Friday 23 November 2018

Every Colour of You by Amelia Mandeville

Today is my stop on the blog tour for debut novel "Every Colour of You" by Amelia Mandeville.

Every Colour of YouEvery Colour of You by Amelia Mandeville
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - when I could over 3 days (work)

Pages - 400

Publisher - Sphere

Source - Review Copy

Blurb from Goodreads

Living back at home and spending most of her time behind a checkout till, it's fair to say things aren't going quite as Zoe had planned. But she's determined to live every day to the full, and she's spreading her mission of happiness, one inspirational quote at a time.

Since his dad died, Tristan has been struggling with a sadness that threatens to overtake everything. He can't face seeing his friends, can't stop fighting with his brother, and as much as he pretends to be better, the truth is he can't even remember what 'normal' feels like.

One person can change everything.

When these two meet, Zoe becomes determined to bring the missing colour back into Tristan's life. But the harder she tries to change the way Tristan sees the world, the more she realises it's something she can't fix - and in trying to put him back together, a part of her is beginning to break . . .

A novel to break your heart and put it back together again - Every Colour of You is the debut novel from Amelia Mandeville, with heart-wrenchingly relatable characters, big emotions and an unforgettable story.

Blurb from Goodreads

Meet Tristan, from the opening chapter we know he has just been through something intense and very quickly learn of his ongoing battle with his mental health. Zoe explodes into his life very quickly and this story is theirs, meeting in a hospital waiting area and every day that passes there after. Each chapter flips from Tristan and Zoe, headed each one so we know who is speaking and each in first person narrative. A reluctant friendship, decided on by the headstrong Zoe who is hiding some secrets herself!

We know Tristan is suffering and trying to just get through each day. Zoe is a lighter than life character, little miss positive to the point of annoying at times. Tristan had the life anyone would want before it all changed, popular, handsome, university life, girls at his heels. Now Tristan doesn't know how to get through the days, his mental health is an uphill struggle every single day and then there is Zoe. Tristan has no option, Zoe has decided to invade his life and she isn't going anywhere, they ARE going to be friends. The story allows the reader a glimpse of life with the black dog, the feelings, the not knowing why you feel how you feel, the lows, the lack of control and the impact of of that has on the individual and those around them.

Both the characters are very different and whilst Zoe is very positive and strong willed you get a hint of something, but not sure what, isn't quite what she projects. It is an emotive read when you get into it and how Tristan impacts on Zoe with some of his struggles is a bit hard to read but I think many readers will be able to identify with it when close to someone like Tristan. Mental health, dysfunctional families, friendship, health, grief, loss, love and personal growth are just some of the issues covered in this debut novel. It took me a wee bit to settle to this one but once I did I couldn't put it down to see where it was going and what was next for these two. Emotive and tough reading in places, shining a light on some very important issues that even in 2018 society shys away from or misunderstands, 4/5 for me this time. I look forward to seeing what Mandeville puts out next, a book that will stay with you after you finish the last page!

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