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According to Yes by Dawn French

According to YesAccording to Yes by Dawn French
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 2 days

Pages - 352

Publisher - Michael Joseph

Source - Poundshop

Blurb from Goodreads

The Foreign Land of the Very Wealthy - otherwise known as Manhattan's Upper East Side - has its own rigid code of behaviour. It's a code strictly adhered to by the Wilder-Bingham family.

Emotional displays - unacceptable.

Unruly behaviour - definitely not welcome.

Fun - no thanks.

This is Glenn Wilder-Bingham's kingdom. A beautifully displayed impeccably edited fortress of restraint.

So when Rosie Kitto, an eccentric thirty-eight-year-old primary school teacher from England, bounces into their lives with a secret sorrow and a heart as big as the city, nobody realises that she hasn't read the rule book.

For the Wilder-Bingham family, whose lives begin to unravel thread by thread, the consequences are explosive. Because after a lifetime of saying no, what happens when everyone starts saying . . . yes?

My Review

Rosie Kitto has left England and bagged herself a job looked after two wee boys from a very rich family whilst their parents are mid divorce. Rosies employer is Glen Wilder, not a hair out of place, she is very conservative, cold, her home, her grand children, her rules. Rosie could not be anymore different, eccentric, embracing life, emotions and trying to work through things she has ran from in England. America has a lot to offer for Rosie but Rosie has much more to offer this family, the power of letting go and saying yes.

Let me start by saying I loved how this started, think a non magical Mary Poppins, Rosie is the breath of fresh air this family needs. The grandmother Glen doesn't do emotion, affection or letting go, Rosie is all about living in the moment, praising the children, encouraging the kids to embrace who they are and showing them with affection. She challenges Glen's rule and the males of the family respond positively. As Rosie moves in she teaches them all how to interact, how to say yes, and finds herself learning what causes the family to be the way they are.

So she is fun loving and I really liked how she broke down the boundaries without being a bitch, she was so good with the kids and just brought life to the family. However the book then took a turn that I didn't see coming, I didn't really get the point of and it just ruined it a wee bit for me. Sex in a book is never an issue, I have read 50 shades but I just felt was it really required in this story and how it comes about. Maybe one or two scenes ok I got but the other parts just, for me, seemed to come from no where and it took away from the book.

Her relationship with Glen, if you can call it that also flipped a wee bit and I was a bit like really? Like I get what the author was going for and one part I thought ah fair enough but other parts I just couldn't fathom. I am absolutely in the minority as so many seemed to love this book and I didn't hate it at all. I just struggled to get my head around Rosie's choices/behaviour because she was so fun loving and focused on the job/bairns then it took a total sweep in direction. I also felt some of the issues covered in the book weren't given as much attention, scope, depth for how big a thing it was compared to some of the smaller stuff. Not badly written at all, I do like French books, I think this is my second and I will read her others but I think the things the main character chose to do and because it was so unexpected, to me, I just couldn't wrap my head around. 2.5/5 for me this time, absolutely grab a copy and check it out, as I say so many loved it and I didn't hate it I just didn't love it.

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  1. A comedian who I am of course aware of ... (Mr T has something of a crush on her :-) ... I've yet to read any of her books be they a novel or autobiography though I do have one (can't remember which) on my TBR mountain which I had thought to bump up but perhaps not.


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