Wednesday 17 October 2018

Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell

Frozen CharlotteFrozen Charlotte by Alex Bell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 1 day

Pages - 368

Publisher - Stripes Publishing

Source - Amazon

Blurb from Goodreads

We're waiting for you to come and play. Dunvegan School for Girls has been closed for many years. Converted into a family home, the teachers and students are long gone. But they left something behind...Sophie arrives at the old schoolhouse to spend the summer with her cousins. Brooding Cameron with his scarred hand, strange Lilias with a fear of bones and Piper, who seems just a bit too good to be true. And then there's her other cousin. The girl with a room full of antique dolls. The girl that shouldn't be there. The girl that died.

My Review

After a life changing encounter Sophie heads to visit her cousins and stay at the old school house. Lilias is the youngest and emotionally up and down, Cameron is bordering on rude/aggressive but Piper is lovely and welcoming. With Sophie having to face her own grief a change of scenery could but the perfect choice. The more time Sophie spends there the more eerie things become, Lilias is worried about the old dolls and the damage they can cause, Cameron is becoming more hostile and Piper seems the only one she can talk to. But everything is not what it seems and secrets have a way of coming out.

This is my first time reading this author and it won't be my last. We kick off with a ghostly encounter or is it just a fluke in circumstances. We meet Sophie's family and as we get to know them we discover just how bizarre things are at the old school house. It has a past, it is linked to the dolls and the youngest member of the family is terrified. We learn along with Sophie about her cousins, those on this earth and the one in the spirit world.

Secrets, ghosts, supernatural, friendship, family and a whole lot of spookiness is central to the book. Lots of different threads and I sank into it quickly. We get small snippets of the frozen Charlotte story at the beginning of each chapter, I liked that and hadn't heard it before. The supernatural aspect I found captivating and scary dolls isn't something that has been done lots (well in the books/movies I have read). A great wee read and I look forward to the next book, 4/5 for me this time.

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