Friday 19 October 2018

Celebrating Publication Day with Angela Marsons

Book 9 is out today to buy, grab yours HERE

Thanks so much for taking some time out to answer questions for us, the Crime Book Club family are very excited and a few also wanted some questions popped in.

As you know I am new to the series this year, despite the CBC members raving about them for so long. I LOVE DI Kim Stone, she is such a loyal character, a true copper who is the victims voice. How did it come about creating her and getting into actually writing them?

I spent many years writing books I thought editors would like. They were all character driven emotional stories which I loved writing but I’ve always loved reading crime. I never thought I could write a crime book so I kind of sat down with the intention of writing the book I wanted to with the character who was in my head based in an area I know well. I totally expected to hit a wall due to plotting issues but as soon as I gave Kim Stone a voice she ran away with my pencil. No-one was more surprised than me when I realised I had finished the book and Silent Scream had been born.

Is Kim Stone based on anyone?

She isn’t based on anyone but her voice had been in my head for many years. I didn’t let her out as she didn’t sound all that likeable in my head so I thought well if I don’t like her, no-one will. It wasn’t until I started writing about her in Silent Scream that I realised she had many good points too and although not the most socially adept person she was passionate and driven to fight for the underdog.

As a Tolkien fan I squealed when I read “that” line, just how big a fan are you and will we see any other references?

I do love the films but what I loved more was the inference that such a dark, desolate land was based on the Black Country. It really helped me to give people the tone and atmosphere that I wanted to portray in the books.

How did it feel getting your first book published and how does it compare to getting a book published now, years later?

Ooooh, this is a great question. I don’t think anything compares to that first experience of fear mixed with excitement mixed with stress and more excitement. I had no expectations when Silent Scream was published and was just so grateful to Bookouture for giving me the opportunity to give Kim Stone a chance. When Silent Scream was published and hit the #1 spot on Amazon I was working 12 hour night shifts and would ring my partner, Julie, on my lunch break (at 2am) for an update on the charts!! I just couldn’t believe the amazing response to the book. But, I have to say that each new book is just as exciting to publish as each novel is a different journey and you never lose the fear of people hating what you’ve done. I’m still a mix of excitement and fear waiting to see what people think. Neither the fear or the excitement ever goes away.

How do you come up with the stories? They are fantastic and so fresh, what inspires them?

Every story is inspired by a subject or an idea that I want to explore or research. Silent Scream came from a memory of walking past a children’s home and wondering about the occupants. It always stayed with me. Evil Games came to be because I wanted to explore the true nature of a sociopath and their capabilities and I loved the idea of a psychological battle between two equally intelligent women. With Lost Girls I wanted to explore the psychology and effects of having to choose the life of one child over another.

When are you coming to a book festival *hint hint* Edinburgh?

Unfortunately I’m not good with festivals. Two bouts of depression have left me with Social Anxiety which can be crippling at times. I do try to push myself to do smaller things and have swung by my local libraries for low key coffee and cake chats with readers but who knows what I might be able to achieve in the future.

What is the creative process and how long does it normally take to complete a book?

I write two books each year which are normally released Spring and Autumn so each book is a six month process from beginning to end. I normally take the first four months to research and write the first draft and the other two months to work through draft 2 and draft 3 before sending it to my editor. This isn’t straightforward by any means as during this time I will be receiving edits/copy edits/proofs to work through and read for the previous book written so there’s always swapping from one story to another which can become a little confusing at times.

Do you have any rituals, favourite pen (if you write by hand), clothes, somewhere you must write?

I still write the first draft with pencils and A4 notepads. I’ve tried a couple of times to write straight on to the laptop but it just doesn’t work for me. I have to feel the lead of the pencil scratching against the paper. It taps directly into my creative brain. I have to use the Bic Original automatic pencils and I only ever write on the right hand side of the page. I leave the left hand side blank to write myself notes as I go. I never interrupt the flow to go back and change something. Instead I’ll scrawl myself a note for second draft like ‘this is awful, do better’ or ‘add more action here’ or ‘not enough emotion’ but I just keep moving forward on the first draft.

Where is the best place for fans to connect with you?

I’m always around on social media as I love chatting and interacting with people who are reading the books so I can be found



We are all patiently waiting for the new release, what date in October is it coming and more importantly HAVE YOU STARTED WRITING BOOK 10? :P

Yes book 9 – Fatal Promise is out on 19th October and absolutely yes Book 10 is cooking quite nicely right now.

Anything you would like to answer I haven’t asked?

Great questions and nothing I’d like to answer but I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to the love and support from CBC. It’s a very positive place to be and there’s still nothing like just seeing a post from someone recommending one of your books. It truly does make an author’s day.


  1. Great interview! And I love the Tolkein reference...makes me want to read the book even more! I like those little winks in books


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