Wednesday 23 January 2019

New Voices 2019 Headline Event

So last night I finally made it to a blogger/author/publicist event, it has only took me nearly eight years!

The venue was stunning, lit beautifully with candles, book display of our authors #newvoices2019 food, drink and the actual authors and fabulous folk from Headline, it was just perfect. Everyone was so welcoming, I know a lot of bloggers can find meet ups, especially with established bloggers, authors and people in the business, really frightening. Certainly not the case for Headline, the staff made sure no one was left alone and folk who were nervous and didn't know how to approach anyone found themselves being welcomed, chatted to and having the authors pointed out to them.

A wee programme was available, giving information on each author, a wee piccy of them and their book, gutted mine got lost on route home!

It was very laid back, a wee drink on arrive, hot food provided, bar easy accessible and then the lovely Becky took to the mic and gave some info on what the night entailed, the authors, their books and who they were. It is really nice when you know exactly what is going on and then everyone was just free to mingle and chat.

Headline very generously provided copies of the authors of the evenings books except Rhik's whose wasn't ready as yet but we got a print out with a bit about the book, when it is due and it sounds brilliant, "I Never Said I Loved You" out in August.

The authors were so friendly, happy to chat, sign the books and mingled with everyone, it was a really good turnout.

I met not only some of the lovely publicists and people behind the amazing books and book pr but also some other bloggers, some I have chatted to online for a while and some brand new. I never fail to be amazed just how lovely and friendly some people are. Kelly from LOVEBOOKSGROUP and Joanne from Portobello Blog have been so supportive especially when I have went to events. Kelly met me at the station this time and both ladies always help put you at ease, I am a gab and pretty loud/out going but in situations like these I am a bit off my game and I can't say shy as my pals would faint, lmao but I do withdraw a wee bit. They made sure I was introduced, include and helped me to relax and just be me, loud, chatty, gabby - it really makes a difference and they did the same with others, book people are really the best! I saw Joanne get a piccy by the candles and thought oooh that looks lovely so I have to too.

The books are:
Blood Orange by Harriet Twice

The six Loves of Billy Binns by Richard Lumsden

The Girl in the Letter by Emily Gunnis

The Last Ones Left Alive by Sarah David-Goff

Past Life by Dominic Nolan

I Never Said I Loved You by Rhik Samadder

A brighter piccy so you can see the covers, of course Princess Trixie has to wake up as I am taking a piccy, never one to miss a moment, all about the cat!. You can find the authors on Twitter:
Rhik Samadder
Harriet Tyce
Dominic Nolan
Sarah Davis-Goff
Emily Gunnis
Richard Lumsden

Tonight the event is in Liverpool and tomorrow Bath, if you have been invited absolutely head along, these people are fabulous, friendly, professional and very welcoming. If like me you are a bit nervous you will honestly be put at ease, such a lovely bunch and it is an event you won't want to miss. Remember when taking pictures or if you are covering the event to use the #NewVoices2019 so we can share the experience/event with you all. Thanks again so much to the Headline folks for inviting me, the authors/publicists and fellow bloggers for making it such a great night, y'all rock <3 Now I am off to bed for a wee pre nightshift nap, hope you all have a lovely day. xxx


  1. wow, that sounds like fun :D I would love to attend something like that

  2. This looks and sounds terrific, Lainy! Thank you for sharing this event.


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