Friday 28 September 2018

October spooky book bingo


I love doing themed reads, if I can link something to a month I try and read books relevant to it, October - Halloween so anything spooky/supernatural/scary. February - Valentines Day so anything romantic, someone said they do war related books in November and whilst that isn't a genre I would normally go to I think this year I will give it a try.

So I have made a wee book bingo for those of us who like themed reads. You can start it now or the first of October and complete it on the 31st (midnight) or before, you can pick and choose or go for the whole card. If you manage the whole card I might do a wee prize and put all the names in a draw and select at random. If you decide to play you can play fast and loose if you don't want to stick to complete horror, for example the word can be in the title. It is just a wee challenge for a bit of October book fun, enjoy.


I will post this to Instagram and the other social media platforms I use for the blog. Feel free to tag me if playing, sharing and or with your book posts, use the hashtag #SMBSLTBookBingo or tag my accounts depending on which platform(s) you use. I am @always_reading on Instagram On Twitter @smbslt and on Facebook

Happy October you guys xxx


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