Saturday 21 April 2012

World Book Night 2012 - Are you participating?

Well this is my first year. I have picked up my books and tonight I am labeling them all for Monday. I had said I will be giving them away to randoms, at work and maybe one or two via my website. My books are John Ajvide Lindqvist's Let The Right One In.

I am really looking forward to this and having a chance to introduce people to reading and a new author/genre. I haven't read the book yet myself (I will) but have seen the movie and with all the vampire hype I am sure this will entice one or more people to pick up a book when normally it would be tv all the way.

Technically as it isn't until Monday I still have all my books but 2 are spoken for and one of which is to someone who never reads but is going to give it a go (the books are fairly thick so I am delighted.)

Are you taking part? If so what are you doing and what is your book?

Happy book night when it comes and I hope you all have a blast


  1. Tips For Givers From The World Book Night Website

    Tips for Givers

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    Being a World Book Night giver isn't always easy, as this article from a giver in The Telegraph explains, but it can be an incredible and unforgettable experience. I will happily admit that I cried when I got home from giving last year (admittedly I'd been involved in a large scale giveaway involving driving the Foyles van around London). I got in my front door and burst in to tears from the sheer emotion of sharing what I love with other people.

    So to help we thought we'd offer a few last minute tips, but of course these are neither exhaustive nor exclusive. First up, how to identify a non-reader (easier than it looks). Then following that our original tips on good places to give.

    Identifying non-readers
    This is actually more about identifying readers - obviously we know it's not fair on anyone for you to give everyone you encounter the third degree on their reading habits, so this is all about trying to avoid giving your books to those you know or can identify as heavy readers and ensure the books reach those who haven't (yet) been converted to the joys of regular reading

    Obviously if you know your recipients, you're likely to know whether they enjoy a good book, avoid those in your book group or actually in a book shop or library!
    Anyone with a book in their hand or a copy of the TLS, London Review of Books, newspaper review section, bookshop or publisher tote bag on their shoulder is likely to be a reader!
    If you're on public transport the people staring vacantly in to space, or playing a game on their phone or reading a free newspaper might be a good place to start (though I've been known to do all of these and you definitely shouldn't give me a book...)
    Engage people in conversation - this can be scary, we know. Explain what you're doing and what WBN is about, if they're passionate about books they should understand why you're not going to give them one, if they're not persuade them to try!

    Where to give books

    The best place to give books is wherever in your community you think you have the most chance to reach out to those who don’t regularly read. Absolutely anywhere will do, but if you’re not sure where might or might not be appropriate here are some suggestions based on successful giving experiences last year:

    The street, giving to complete strangers (only for the brave and zealous!)
    Your daily commute
    Colleagues who don’t read regularly at your workplace
    Pubs, cafes, local community centres, clubs, shopping centres, sports matches or centres or anywhere people are gathering socially (though you should ask permission of the owner or manager)

    These places are great if you already have a connection to them (ie work there, are a regular visitor or have some sort of connection to the establishment)

    Schools, either to pupils or parents
    Hospitals, hospices and care homes
    Armed forces bases

    Where we don’t want you to be giving books

    Anywhere where regular readers are gathered – book clubs, bookshops or libraries (unless part of a planned activity aimed at attracting non-readers to discover the shop or library)
    Anywhere where you put yourself at risk

    And remember:

    If you’re 16-18 you must give books in a safe environment such as a school, workplace or somewhere where you know the people involved
    Anyone under the age of 16 to whom books are being given must be accompanied by a responsible adult (parent, guardian, teacher etc)

  2. This sounds like a nice thing to participate it!

  3. I'd forgotten how thick The Book Thief was, will be hard carrying them around but taking most to work tomorrow. I'm also going to leave a few in the hallway of my flats in case the neighbours want them (I know they're non-readers as they never ahve any book-shped post).

  4. Hope you enjoy it Lainy! I am giving The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O'Farrell. Hoping to put a lot of them in the local health centre.

  5. Such a wonderful event to be a part of.

  6. I'm a giver this year (2014) and am excited! Have any recommendations?

    1. On how to give them out? Well done on becoming a giver, I am giving them out again this year.


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