Wednesday 4 April 2012

Review - The End Of My World by Emma Jackson

The End of My World: The Shocking True Story of a Young Girl Forced to Become a Sex SlaveThe End of My World: The Shocking True Story of a Young Girl Forced to Become a Sex Slave by Emma Jackson

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Blurb from goodreads

In this harrowing memoir, Emma, at 13-years-old, was pimped by her older boyfriend into servicing other men. Young and na├»ve, she didn’t know how far this was from normal. Eventually she found a way out. Emma is writing this book to give hope to other girls in this situation.

My Review

Emma is just your typical 13 year old, going through the motions from a straight A student to dropping grades, going from sweet to aggressive and angry - just the normal for a teenager right, wrong. Emma has been duped into one of the most terrifying situations you could imagine as an adult let alone a child.

I have read a few books like this and I think for me this one got more under the skin than the others. Why? Well like the others it does have some graphic and horrific scenes however I have read much worse. I think the reason is how they manage to dupe her and then trap her into a world or abuse, fear and torture.

The story is quite slow going as just under the first half we are learning all about Emma, growing up, school, routine and what life is like but it works so well as rather than giving you a host of vile abuse you get to know her as an innocent and see how they took advantage of her in slow and devious steps and this is what shocked me. Even the most streetwise kids could have fallen for this which makes it all the more terrifying. The language is written how she speaks "me mam says" (instead of my mum says) which may affect the way you read the book but it is a minor distraction. I think she has done really well to face the situation and tell the world what happened to her considering the "justice" she got, a book that will stay with me so 4/5 for me this time.

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  1. This sounds too sad. I wouldn't be able to read it due to the subject matter but I enjoyed your review.

  2. Thank you for this review. I might have to check this one out. I don't really enjoy reading this type of book, but I think it is a good thing that I read this kind of books because I want to keep myself informed. I guess that is why I pick up non fiction about such subjects from time to time.


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