Monday 17 October 2022

October comp is now live

Apologies first that our competition page is down, it is under review (apparently an issue marked spam? and under review but very little information, our page has been the same since we started and just update the comps every month). We have requested review multiple times and there is noone to contact directly so we just have to wait.

October giveaway is x1 horror themed bookmark, winner can choose x1 bookmark from those in the pictures. There are also two pins, one diamonte spider and one love heart with a cat on top, the winner can choose one of those too. Items are exactly as pictured and open worldwide. As usual please use the Rafflecopter to enter.

Sorry it isn't all in one photo, I really need a new phone & with multiple pictures hopefully it means you can see the bookmarks better to decide which one you want if you are the winner.

So above are the bookmarks, of all the ones in the picture they are mostly double sided. The dog one, one side says lives and the other is it passed, one side orange one blue. The Shining lady in the bath, one side she looks like she does when Jack first sees her then the real her, her chest is exposed so I have covered with my finger. The next are the brooches or pins, not sure what we call them nowaday lol.

This is the first, spider and I know not everyone likes spiders (I think it is so so cute) so the other option is a black cat on top of a heart.

The competition is open worldwide, I do try and do as many as possible but sometimes if it is ebook or Amazon V I just can't as Amazon sends directly so only allows your own country. When it is actual treebooks or things like this I send directly so can open it worldwide. Very aware everyone is feeling the pinch just now so November is in the process of being sorted and will be worldwide too. With bills rising things like books etc will be considered more luxury item and everyone should have the opportunity to read or have a wee something to look forward to. Enter via the Rafflecopter, beloe, as usual.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. my granddaughter thought that the shark was real in jaws and somone had trained it so now she a shark wrangler - would love the shark book mark for her

  2. That Michael Myers one is so cool!!!

  3. I like the shark bookmark and the heart brooch.

  4. the cat on the heart and the shark bookmark

  5. the braiins bookmark and spider brooch please

  6. Love the cat on the heart brooch and The Lost Boys bookmark if I'm your lucky winner, please.

  7. I'd choose the fab spider broach and the IT bookmark with the balloons.


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