Tuesday 2 November 2021

The Bachman Books by Stephen King aka Richard Bachman

The Bachman BooksThe Bachman Books by Richard Bachman
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Pages - 704

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Blurb from Goodreads

Omnibus collection of four early Bachman novels (Rage, The Long Walk, Roadwork, The Running Man) and the essay "Why I Was Bachman"

My Review

Four novels by Richard Bachman aka Stephen King, Rage, The Long Walk, Roadwork and The Running Man. I apparently read these years ago but didn't remember and rebought another, then found my original.

Rage is about a high school shooting/hostage situation with the gunman being a student and we are in the class with them all as the situation progresses. Tense, shocking, teens and the book has since been removed from publications.

The Long Walk, the contestants literally walk, they are allowed three warnings to speed up to the allocated time/speed and if they fall under it again, they are shot. There can be only one winner, it is pretty dark and shocking.

Roadwork is one man vs the big business. His life is being turned upside down, a new motorway is being built and his home, everything heads south. A descent into madness, when what you own/love is threatened and you decide to go take matters into your own hands.

The Running Man, I LOVE this movie but my God the book could not be more different. Still a game show called The Running Man, still running for your life but you are out in the world and need to post tapes (that aye sure they don't track). Ben Richards could not be more different from Arnie's portrayal. It is also quite a dark tale and yet you could see something like this flying these days an the gen public reaction to it. 4/5 for me, I love King's books, they provide an escapism when you most need it, same as when I was a kid, he got me hooked on reading and horror.

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  1. I loved this anthololgy when I read it years ago. The Running Man in the book is better, if you ask me. The Long Walk was fantastic too!

    1. I always have a soft spot for Arnie so I love the movie. I hear they are making The Long Walk but not sure if that is just rumours or fans wishful thinking xxx

    2. Oh, I hope they do. That would be something I'd definitely watch!

  2. I'm both fascinated and scared to death by Stephen King's books. When I do get up the courage to read one, I have nightmares for weeks.

    1. Have you read the green mile? or the shawshank redemption (novella) fab books and not much to give you bad dreams xxx


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