Tuesday 9 November 2021

Beyond The Inferno by Shannon Butler

Beyond The InfernoBeyond The Inferno by Shannon Butler
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 1 day

Pages - 244

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Blurb from Goodreads

When a mismatched group of people wakes up and sees their city burning to ashes, they have no idea what happened. They don't remember the dead rising to kill their friends. They don't remember the end of the world. There is just a dark spot in their heads where the memories should be. But one of them rescues a girl from the wreckage; a woman who has seemingly cut off her own arm. And now she'll tell them what happened. The catch? The apocalypse is all she remembers. She is a girl born and bred in war.
And now she'll help them find out why the Revenant destroyed their world, and who destroyed their home, and in the process, hopefully discover who she is.

My Review

GUYS THIS IS NOT A ZOMBIE BOOK, well not in any way us zombies fans would count it. The main character wakes up with an arm gone *Rosemarie* and that is from a zombie attack. She has memory issues, she remembers the zombies (revenants), the explosions/fires but not who she is, not her life before, just that immediate after the attack(s). She is with a bunch of people and starts to try and piece together her life, what happened and how she goes forward from here.

This is absolutely an apocalyptic book, the aftermath of zombies and a handful of survivors all suffering memory issues although unlike *Rosemarie* they don't remember the attacks/before. They make a plan on getting some answers and the book goes from there. It is very much about survival, looking for answers, relationships forming, dealing with the memories *Rosemarie* has personal journey.

There are no zombie attacks as the book is focused mostly on the after. I had questions, I was disappointed we didn't have zombs probably because I went into this looking for them. However I do enjoy apocalyptic type books so this is just one with a different type of spin. The attractions/relationshipy parts I was a wee bit eye rolling because, really? however I did enjoy seeing where the whole thing was going to play out. The last quarter of the book, whilst I did feel echos of a smidge of The Walking Dead well at least one part, it does take a change of pace and I thought that was quite good, I flopped between 2.5/3 stars for this but went with 3 because I did like the story. I found we were left with questions and would have liked more, even a second book, with the rest of the zombies and what happened next!

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