Monday 15 March 2021

Make of Break by Catherine Bennetto

Make or BreakMake or Break by Catherine Bennetto
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 2 days

Pages - 496

Publisher - Simon & Schuster

Source - Gifted/comp

Blurb from Goodreads

Jess, a 29-year-old Londoner with a Kate Beckett fringe and a tendency for dramatics, gets taken on a surprise trip by her long-term boyfriend, Pete, to attend her best friend’s last-minute wedding in South Africa. Jess imagines sun, sand, wine and safaris. And returning to London with an ethically mined diamond on her left hand...

But this holiday isn’t set to be quite the fairy tale Jess has planned... Suddenly she finds her world tilting on its axis, and things are only set to get worse when Jess returns home…

When the truth comes out, will it be... Make or Break?

My Review

Finally a holiday for Jess & Pete - her whole life revolves around her job and helping out her sister and kids. Could this be the holiday he finally proposes then everything will be great, her job (music industry) is fab, her sisters kids are the nucleus of the family, what could possibly go wrong? Well the holiday (Cape Town, South Africa) is beautiful but things don't go great early on - they are there for their friends wedding and that is the only thing they really have scheduled together. Soon is seems they aren't spending much time together and drama galore unfolds.

There is a lot of banter, jokes, crassness/vulgarity (there's a word), she has so much anxiety I think will wind some readers up yet others will find her super relatable to. Family orientated but an absolute riot at times we go on a bit of a rollercoaster with her. Friendship, relationships, family, choas - Cape Town sounds lovely, It isn't a location I have ever thought of but after reading this I would like to see it.

Some of the book made me laugh out loud, some gave me the boke, I cringed, I was mortified, I was annoyed by Jess, I wanted to slap her, I wanted to hug her. This was my first time reading Bennetto, I would read her again. Poolside reading although it touches on a fair few issues and as long as bad language and sex themes doesn't bother you I think you will get a kick out of this, 3/5 for me.

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