Wednesday 1 May 2019

Chris Carter at Waterstones

The event was sold out and most of us got there before the area opened.

I took my wee reusable cup as I am trying to be good with recycling. I don't often drink hot drinks but when I do I have this and my fav colour, purple.

Hunting Evil is book 10 in the series and out to buy tomorrow.

What a nice down to earth guy.

He spoke about what he did for jobs and how he came upon being an author.

He was very humble and honest about his journey, after chatting about his career in crime, dealing with police and helping catch criminals, the effect that has on you working day in and out with the worst aspects of humanity. Then he went for a career change and into music and his band days, joking that way he would get the girls. He then moved onto how writing started for him by penning a dream, folk reading it, him doing more and not really believing it was good enough. Sending out three chapters and after four days getting word back to send more and maybe this was actually happening, then another few days and asked to send the rest of the book. The rest is history!

He was so animated and chatty, we didn't even get to the book lmao, he just gabbed away about his life and journey to being an author. What happened after and then it was opened up to questions. When the host realised we hadn't talked about the book we all laughed but don't think anyone would have changed anything. He was so engaging, and we all chuckled when after the first two questions he had to get her to translate as the thick Glaswegian accents were a bit much for him. I LOVED Sharons question (from A Chapter in my Life) "Does writing satisfy your inner serial killer?" absolutely brilliant.

Then after that up for book singings.

How fab is his leather jacket. As he says you can tell he likes rock!

The queue was huge for getting books signed, everyone wanted a wee gab, shame he didn't go to the pub afterwards but I think he had more travelling to do and maybe just exhausted. Fantastic night, could have listened to him go on and on!


  1. Book signings can be so much fun. This is especially true if the author is open and friendly. Carter also sounds like he has had an interesting life.

    Purple is also my favorite color.

  2. What sounds like a good night. I wish the Waterstones in Newcastle had these kind of events. Mind you the premises are not that small it would be a very cosy and select gathering indeed.


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