Tuesday 2 April 2019

Q&A with the fabulous Alex Kane

Happy April you guys, so sorry this is my first post, been working and trying to catch up on blog stuff all day!

Welcome Alex Kane to the blog, Alex has very kindly taken some time out to answer some questions and chat about her new book "No Looking Back" previously released as "Chasing the Traveller".

Tell us about your journey so far as an author

It has been brilliant. I have been writing for around ten years now and have written a few books under my own name, Emma Clapperton. I dabbled in self-publishing for a few years and it worked well for me, however I really wanted to have the backing of a publisher so I continued submitting and found a home for my supernatural thrillers. As time went on, I wanted to try something a bit different so I went on to write a standalone back in 2016, which was signed under a big Scottish publisher, but sadly the company went into liquidation so I self-published Chasing the Traveller, which has now been re-edited and released by Hera Books as NO LOOKING BACK.

Lets talk about the new book, what is it about?

Kat Denton has been in a loveless, abusive marriage with Jimmy and decides it’s time to leave. She escapes with her sister in law, Ellie and then discovers she is pregnant. The women go on a journey of recovery and although they are rebuilding their lives, both fear that they will always be looking over their shoulders. Kat’s journey however, leads her to discover more than she could have imagined and the horror which she faces leads her back to the very man she fled from.

What inspired this story?

I wanted to write about strong women and give women a voice within the scenario I have written about. Coercive control within a relationship is being highlighted all over the place right now and I wanted to highlight it within my writing. Women (and men) in these types of relationships can suffer in silence for years, where even the people closest to them don’t know what is happening to them. I also wanted to set the book somewhere unusual and I have always found the travelling community highly interesting.

What research did you have to do for the book?

I used to work with a girl who lived within the travelling community and she was on hand for any questions I had and helped to make it as authentic as possible. I also researched women’s refuges, help for people in relationships of domestic abuse and tried to be as sensitive as I could for anyone reading the book who has been in similar circumstances. I was also careful to highlight that the travelling community does not mean all relationships are typically negative.

What are you working on now?

I am working on the edits for my next Hera Books title, WHAT SHE DID. Hera will release information on that in due course…

Will you be touring, doing any shop or online chats?

I am on all social media platforms and am always posting as well as joining in with other bookish chat. I don’t have any tours planned as such, other than the blog tour for the release. However I am happy to chat to anyone who has any questions at any time.

Do you have any quirks, must do's, writing rituals?

I do always have to have a fresh cuppa next to my laptop when I am writing. I do have a bad habit of typing a few hundred words then accidently finding myself on Facebook or Instagram. I also like to listen to certain types of music when writing particular scenes to help me to set the scene in my head.

What advise would you give to fellow authors or anyone wanting to write a book?

When you have an idea in your head, run with it. Plan if you’re a planner or just write if you’re not. And don’t give up.

Where can fans find you?

Facebook @alexkanewriter
Instagram @alexkanewriter
Twitter @AlexKaneWriter

Anything you would like to answer I haven't asked?

Apart from books, I am obsessed with skull ornaments and art, so if anyone has any chat regarding the human head, I’m all ears

And if that isn't enough to spoil you guys I am doing a giveaway of x1 ebook copy of "No Looking Back" - to be eligible to win you must have an Amazon UK account as I can't gift outside my own country, sorry loveys. As always just use the Rafflecopter below to enter.

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