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Water Angels by Mons Kallentoft

Water AngelsWater Angels by Mons Kallentoft
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 5 days

Publisher - Hodder

Pages - 471

Blurb from Amazon

A married couple is found dead in their jacuzzi. Their adopted five-year-old daughter has vanished. Inspector Malin Fors, the troubled but brilliant star of the Linkoping police force, is put in charge of the case.

But this is a haunting mystery where the borders have been blurred: those between the living and the dead, between good and evil.

Malin is only too aware of her own tendencies towards obsession and addiction. As the investigation takes a darker turn, forcing Malin to confront her own demons, will she hold out long enough to find the killer - and the missing girl - before it's too late?

My Review

Patrick and Cecilia are found dead in their jacuzzi, their adopted five year old daughter Ella is missing, Inspector Malin Fors is heading the case. The investigation starts with the family, searching Patricks computer to try and find leads. Who may have wanted this couple dead and most importantly, where is little Ella. If Foors can find the little girl or the motive, she may be able to crack open this case.

This is my first dance with this author and I am in the minority from the reviews I have seen in that I really didn't like this story much at all. The opening chapter itself, the prologue was confusing to start with although after finishing the story and re reading it I did understand it a bit better. We are briefly introduced to Fors and then a page where the writing is in italics, this is the voice(s) of the deceased couple. They feature a page or two throughout the book, merely viewing what is going on. I personally felt they really offered nothing more than observation of whatever they were looking at, that which the reader has just read with no new insight.

The characters all had a voice, the telling of what was happening at that time or interaction and then there was what they were thinking internally. This really wasn't required as I don't feel it offered anything at all to the story or event that had happened or was being discussed. The inspector is an HR nightmare and yet despite becoming erratic and more off the rails, she isn't removed from the case at all. A lot of the story is overshadowed by the personal thoughts and angst going on out with the case. There are a few random sexual encounters or inappropriate thoughts from people involved in the investigation. It didn't seem to be relevant or add to the story so I am not sure why it was included.

The mystery of what happened to the little girl kept me going, I wanted to know what happened to her, why were the parents killed and to be fair a lot of the main questions were answered which is why it scores 2 stars instead of 1. A lot of the behaviours of the characters are very questionable and for those of the officers I found it very hard to believe that would be tolerated in any department, let alone a murder investigation.

All of that said, this is the 6th in a series and a lot of people seem to love and enjoy it. It just didn't hit the mark for me at all. I won't be pursing the earlier works of this author, I just don't think the writing style is for me although a lot of people will enjoy the in depth insight you get to the characters every thought as the tale progresses. Thanks so much to the publicist for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review, 2/5 for me this time. Give it a go yourself, I would love to hear how others receive this if your reading this author for the first time or a long standing fan.

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  1. I think that a book like this needs to be realistic.

    The police officers acting in ways that would get them removed from duty sounds like it would destroy any sense of realism for me.

    Too bad that this was disappointing in other ways too.

  2. That is too bad it was a letdown. Sounds like it was a bit all over the place.


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