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Goddess of Revenge by Jackie Collins

Goddess of Vengeance (Lucky Santangelo, #8)Goddess of Vengeance by Jackie Collins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 1 day

Pages - 516

Publisher - St. Martin's Press

Blurb from Goodreads

Lucky runs a high profile casino and hotel complex, The Keys in Vegas.

Lennie, her movie star husband, is still writing and directing successful independent movies, while Max, her stubborn and gorgeous teenage daughter is about to celebrate her 18th birthday, and her son, Bobby, owns a string of hot clubs. Lucky has everything. Family. Love. Life.

And everything is exactly what billionaire businessman Armand Jordan is determined to take from her one way or the other.

Born a Prince in the small but affluent Middle Eastern country of Akramshar, Armand comes to America with his American mother at an early age, and rises to become a real estate business titan. Armand regards women as nothing more than breeding mares or sexual playthings, so when his people inform him that the one property he covets more than anything, The Keys, is not for sale, he is shocked. That a mere woman would dare to turn down his offer to buy The Keys is unthinkable, and Armand vows to force Lucky’s hand whatever it takes. And so the battle for power begins . . .

Meanwhile Bobby is dealing with shady Russian investors, while his girlfriend—smart and independent Denver Jones—is becoming a Deputy D.A. in the L.A. drug unit.

And Max, Bobby’s seventeen year old sister, is busy embarking on a forbidden affair with a sexy young movie star. An affair they have to keep on the down-low lest Lucky finds out.
The word is that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” and what happens in Goddess of Vengeance will blow your mind!

My Review

This is the 8th book in the Santangelo's series, if you haven't read any of them, go and get the firs one, do not start here. Lucky is our main character, top dog of her world, she is beautiful, powerful sexy and rich. The story also visits along with the life and doings of her seventeen year old daughter Max, soon to be eighteen and her friends. Her brother Bobby and the bad guy of the piece Prince Armand, rich and powerful in his own country and what he wants he gets. He comes to America, determined to buy Lucky's Casino, he always gets what he wants and no silly woman or anyone else will stand in his way. Women are beneath him, noone is above him and he will stop at nothing, not even murder to achieve his goal.

In typical Collins fashion, the book tackles everything from teen angst, family conflict, secrets, power, money, sex, drugs and violence to name some of the topics covered in this book. I love Jackie Collins, she is an easy read and her books are a tamer version of all she has witnessed in Hollywood. The writing is easy to get into and follow and as long as you aren't easily shocked or offended, sure there is drugs, prostitution use, misogyny and all kinds of swearing scattered throughout this book.

In order to enjoy the story fully I definitely suggest going back and reading the previous reads as the characters have all been through so much and some of it is referred to in this book. This is a perfect read at the end of a long day, by the pool or when you just need to shut off the world for a bit and read some scandal in another world, 4/5 for me. I will of course read this author again, I have her newest release just waiting to be picked up and read.

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