Monday 14 May 2012

Review - Save Me by Lisa Scottoline

Save MeSave Me by Lisa Scottoline
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Blurb From Amazon

You always put your own child first, don't you?

When an explosion rips through her daughter's school,Rose McKenna faces a horrifying choice.Does she go in search of her daughter, Melly, or save the children nearest to her first, one of whom is the bully who has been making her daughter's life a misery...

It's a split-second decision which will cost one girl dearly and will see Rose's life transformed forever...

My Review

Rose is helping out as a lunch mom at her daughters school (to keep an eye out for her daughter who is being bullied). When an explosion happens in the school Rose has to decide whether to help the girls who are making her daughters life a misery or go after and try and save her own child. What follows is lives turned upside down, some shocking secrets and everyone judging Rose for what she did or didn't do and in a small town it is never pretty.

I thought this was going to be a Jodi Picoult type book and to be honest for the first part it was, how could she choose like she did as a mother. Going over her choices, could she or would she have done it differently and of course the whole town having an opinion on it. For me the book is split into two almost separate stories, the first above and the second where it turns into a thriller type mystery with super mum as the main force behind it. Rose in the first part isn't very likable, she seems to be everybody's door mat then in the second half she becomes an unstoppable force.

I did like the first part of the story but the second half I found quite hard to believe, she goes from being a mousy quite shunned person to a brilliant detective almost, uncovering things that noone else did (sorry to be so vague but I hate spoilers). I loved the little girl Melly, she was such a sweet character and you really felt for her when she featured in the book. As always I don't like to be left hanging and all questions were answered so an on the fence half and half for me 3/5.

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  1. Sounds good, but too bad it became unrealistic towards the end.


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