Tuesday 8 May 2012

Mays Pre-loved giveaway is How Could She by Dana Fowley

As always the competition runs until the end of the month. Enter using the contact form below and for an additional entry leave a comment here. The book is in almost perfect condition, it has a tiny wee lift on the front cover, otherwise no marks ans the spine is intact (no creases or breaks).

Blurb From Amazon

At just five years old, Dana learned that there was no one she could trust. Most devastating of all, even her own mother betrayed her and in the most unimaginable way. For years, Dana and her younger sister suffered at the hands of one of Britain's largest ever-known paedophile rings. And their mother did nothing to protect them
Only now is Dana's nightmare coming to an end as she crusades to put her abusers behind bars. In June 2007 the truth was finally exposed. Dana bravely testified against her own mother. The woman who had subjected Dana and her sister to a lifetime of horror was sentenced to twelve years in prison. It was one of the most traumatic ordeals Dana has ever experienced. But a shocked world was finally forced to open its eyes to what happened to Dana. This is her story of survival.

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My review is here http://www.alwaysreading.net/2012/05/review-how-could-she-by-dana-fowley.html


  1. would love to read sounds very interesting x

  2. Its def one of them shocking reads, that make you want to cry - hopefully its has a good ending.

  3. sounds great, I'm very interested.

  4. this sounds shocking, heartbreaking yet totally amazing i would love to read it


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