Thursday 9 February 2012

A.R.R - Shereen Travels Cheap by Shereen Rayle

Shereen Travels CheapShereen Travels Cheap by Shereen Rayle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blurb from Amazon

Are there places you want to go but never do because you think you can’t afford the travel costs? Do you plan your vacations on a budget, but find that your budget doesn’t get you very far from home? Shereen Travels Cheap was written for you!

This entertaining book will teach you how to plan the vacations you have always dreamed of taking, but for a lot less money than you ever thought you would spend. Using a combination of proven tips and techniques and the best the Internet has to offer, Shereen shows you how a little effort can reap big savings and allows you to do more on your trips!

My Review

What a fab wee book. Shereen has written a book based upon common sense and her personal experience planning trips and coming up with ways to save, make your money go that little bit further and give you more for your money or free up your budget for either another trip or one you didn't think you could make as it was too expensive.

The chapters don't drag on forever which means you can dip in and out as and when you like. This is how I recommend you read the book unless you love organizing then you could devour it in one sitting. There is an abundance of links and great websites for you to check out and whilst I haven't checked every single one - the ones I have are great.

The only thing is obviously it is all outside of the UK sites/flights etc but there is still a lot I can use as a UK resident and I look forward to Shereen's next book based on the UK side of tips and trips.

This is one of the first ever review books I will be keeping and going back to, lots of great tips to work with and I look forward to putting it to use on my next trip. 4/5 for me and thanks so much to Shereen for the opportunity to read her work.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review! Just to clarify, my new project will be a UK blog, not a book, but it will focus on travel tips and products, as well as activities and destinations within the UK for the budget traveler. It debuts next month! :)


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