Friday 4 November 2011

Review - Irregular Therapy by Ron Wyn

Irregular TherapyIrregular Therapy by Ron Wyn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blurb from Goodreads

irregular therapy is a raw, ribald, cautionary tale of what could be anyone's roller coaster ride to a new life. Powerfully honest and unblinking, the author describes his healing journey without glossing over the troubling bits. His despair over repeating the same mistakes time and again led him to powerful techniques and practices for de-patterning his life that turned out to be simpler than he could have imagined, and which anyone can learn. It was tough at first, but it got easier as he went along, and the result was transforming: from anger to understanding, from rejection to acceptance and, yes, from bedmates to a soul mate

My Review

Well I think if I had to sum the book up in one word I would use whirlwind! Ron takes you on a journey from his birth practically to present day. From discovering masterbation and girls to money woes and family troubles and how he found a way of dealing with it all.

The book does have chapters but it also has like chapters inside chapters or rather chapters split into different segments within a chapter. I think whilst this is different it is certainly a good idea as some of the book makes for difficult reading (for example a pre-teen boy discovering masterbation was not easy to read) and you have to dip in and out of it.

The other thing I would warn potential readers on (and the author does mention it right at the very start of the book) is the terminology used towards several of the women in his chapters such as whore and bitch which may offend some readers.

Other than that I think the only thing I can add is it is a brutal account of one persons life and failings and accomplishments with relationships and he really does strip it down and lay it out bare. He gives an honest and gruelling account of his life and relationships and his way of getting to where he is and the person he is today, 3/5 for me and thanks to the author for sending me his book to review.

You can purchase this book for £9.99 (inc delivery) on Amazon or £7.15 for the kindle

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