Saturday 26 November 2011

Changing the look

Please bare with me whilst I play with the look of here yet again. No doubt I will go back to what it was as I hate change and cannot get it to look how I want but after FF and seeing so many fabulous layouts and blogs I want to try tweeking mine again.

Watch this space and if you happen to visit during the tweaking ad it look out of sync - I am currently tweaking and it will look better lol, thanks.

Special thanks to my hubby for helping me with my new stars for my ratings and adjusting my grab my blog button and they all match the new theme colour. Pretty geeky brag but I can't do any of this stuff and it took me ages to tweek the design so to have personalised touches makes me one happy booker geek! :D

And my new blog button



  1. Thank you Ellie, coming from you = big compliment x

  2. Hi there I am calling by to visit my latest follower and it looks like i have also found a new blog to read. Be warned though I just write Book Reviews and do not participate in all these memes on book blogs. :)

  3. I will add your badge to my page.

  4. I like it too! Just because other blogs may be more 'colourful' doesn't mean they are better blogs. It's quality that counts ;)

  5. It's worth looking at any changes you make on a Kindle as some of the background colours can render the txt unreadable.


  6. I like it! I did some tweaking a few weeks back and I am still not 100% happy but getting there. I will add your badge to my site. :)

  7. Like the stars :)

    I have had a few minor changes. Every now and again I get fed up with the layout.

    Have a great week



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