Thursday 1 September 2011

Review - If I should die Before I wake by Michelle Morris

If I Should Die Before I WakeIf I Should Die Before I Wake by Michelle Morris

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A truely horrific story!

Carla is the main character and we are told the story through her, through her puppets, through her as a child and various stages of her young life to present day. The story starts with Carla having a gun on her father as he sleeps and recounts the horrors she has endured at his hands.

I have read a few of these kind of books and this one has unsettled me more than any of the true life ones. The abuse endured is often told in one or two sentences but this is more than enough to visualize what she has went through.

The story jumps an awful lot from present day to her young past with only her phrases as indication it is back to when she was a child which is quite off putting and confusing. She also talks through her various puppets and as letters or just thoughts directed to Jessie who was someone at the school encouraging the kids to talk out against abuse.

It is quite a strange story, more in the way the character narrates than the story which is easy enough to follow. For some reason this book disturbed me more than any other of its type, combined with the way it was written this is why it gets a 2/5 rating.

If you are considering reading this I advise you to prepare yourself as it is quite disturbing.

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  1. Hey i one the copy of this from your website and have only just been able to reply however i also agree with your review.I believe you have to prepare yourself with this book as some of it for me was very disturbing. I felt uncomfortable at times however it was deffinately an eye opener for a book.

  2. Hi Rosiepopsox, sorry you had bother getting on but really glad the book arrived ok and for letting me know. The one that is now up for this months giveaway is even more disturbing and heartbreaking.


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