Monday 12 September 2011

Review - Bring On The Pain by Swift Smith

Bring on the PainBring on the Pain by Swift Smith

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Blurb from the website

Taunt, suspenseful, gripping, and realistically gritty, Swift Smith’s Bring on the Pain is a heart-wrenching nightmare ripped straight from today’s headlines.

When Paul Hogan comes home after a hard day’s work and finds his family brutally murdered, something deep within him snaps for good. This was a man who had gathered the bodies of his family for a proper burial on one day, and the very next day found himself a changed being full of hate and extreme evil. It will take an unusual man to track and catch him as he goes on his deadly spree, one whom he attempts to drag into his world of pain, heartbreak, and hate.

In inviting his alter ego to Bring on the Pain, Paul Hogan does not yet know it, but he has met his match – or has he?

My Review

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What a weird and fascinating read. I honestly didn't know what to make of it. Paul becomes a tormented vicious serial killer and goes on a rampage. One person survives and the story goes between our serial killer and the police man who survived Pauls frenzy on his family. The story jumps between the two and it is really interesting to see the serial killers side of it, his views and feelings about what he has done and plans to do. Ty, the surviver, we follow him from before the massacre, trying to recover from it and his journey back to life such as it is before coming face to face once again with the killer.

The story I thought was going one way and it went in a totally different direction. Some of it is pretty gruesome and definately not for the easily offended. I got annoyed at the way some of it was written, explaining something that was just said incase the reader didn't catch what was meant.

It is fairly packed with action/murders throughout and picks up the pace more so at the end and just when you think the whole story is over the author throws in a twist right at the very end that you will either absolutely love or hate. 3/5 for me.

This book is on sale at the moment for $7.70 instead of $14 or you can buy the ebook version for $9.

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