Monday 6 December 2021

Your Neighbour's Wife by Tony Parsons

Your Neighbour’s WifeYour Neighbour’s Wife by Tony Parsons
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 2 days

Pages - 400

Publisher - Penguin

Source - Review copy

Blurb from Goodreads

Tara Carver seems to have the perfect life. A loving mother and wife, and a business woman who runs her own company, she's the sort of person you'd want to live next door to, who might even become your best friend.

But what sort of person is she really?

Because in one night of madness, on a work trip far from home, she puts all this at risk. And suddenly her dream life becomes a living nightmare when the married man she spent one night with tells her he wants a serious relationship with her. And that he won't leave her or her precious family alone until she agrees.

There seems to be only one way out.
And it involves murder...

My review

Wow this is an intense read so buckle in! Tara Carver is an independent business women, she runs a dating agency app whilst her stunning, fit husband Christian looks after their wee boy. When Tara flies to Japan for a business convention and meets James, well when the cat is away....... Tara has never done anything like this in her life, she is happy in her marriage and quickly regrets her one night with James. However Tara is about to learn that actions come with consequences and James isn't willing to let her go.

Oh Tara Tara Tara what a nightmare. James seems lovely but dear Lord how appearances can be deceiving. Even when Tara leaves Japan and thinks it is over but really it is just starting. The chapters flip between Tara and Christian as the story unfolds, the tension and steaks run high and things just go from bad to worse. You initially find it hard to have sympathy for Tara, she did cheat on her husband but things get dark really quickly and it isn't just impacting on Tara but those around her and she loves.

It is a pretty dark book, some really shady characters/actions throughout, Parson's brings swipe after swipe and things go from bad to worse to really really bad. Pretty short chapters and you are hooked in really quickly. It has been ages since I read Parson's and don't remember that book being anything like this. Really engaging, shocking, page turner and Parson's shows us again and again how things can just keep getting worse! 4/5 for me this time, I will be having a nosey at their back catalogue, my reading mojo has taken a kicking just now with stress etc but this was a book I found I could loose myself in for a wee while. If you think things aren't great yourself at least we aren't Tara ooft!

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