Tuesday 28 December 2021

One More for Christmas by Sarah Morgan

One More for ChristmasOne More for Christmas by Sarah Morgan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - in and out as able over 5 days

Pages - 416

Publisher - HQN

Source - Bought

Blurb from Goodreads

For sisters Samantha and Ella Mitchell, Christmas is their most precious time of the year—a time for togetherness, love and celebration. Most of all, it’s about making up for everything their childhood Christmases lacked. But this year, they’ll be buying presents for the most unexpected guest of all—their estranged mother. It’s been five years since they last saw each other. But when their mom calls out of the blue and promises that this Christmas will be different, Samantha and Ella cautiously agree to spend it all together…

Gayle Mitchell is at the top of her career, but her success has come at a price—her relationship with her daughters. She never seemed to say or do the right things. Her tough-love approach was designed to make them stronger, but instead managed to push them away…until a brush with her own mortality forces Gayle to make amends. As the snowflakes fall on their first family celebration in years, the Mitchell women must learn that sometimes facing up to the past is all you need to heal your heart…

My review

Gayle is a career woman, top of her game that has come at quite a cost, a personal cost and Gayle hasn't spoken to her daughters in a fair few years. When Gayle takes unwell, publicly on a tv appearance and taken to hospital they reach out to her daughters, will this be what brings them together or is the troubled past about to be a troubled present?

Samantha and Ella have managed just fine without their mother, barriers built to protect themselves. Ella has a loving husband and little girl, Samantha is a bit like her mother in that her career is everything but so is happiness. Circumstances force a long awaited reunion over Christmas, Gayle hates Christmas and has never been an emotive demonstrative mother. The girls love Christmas and are the opposite of their mother who never embraced nor encouraged the spirit of Christmas. Oooft things are about to get hairy.

Family drama, relationships, unresolved anger, hurt, let down is just some of the issues these ladies are harboring and now about to be together, under one roof and at the time of year that cause them alot of bad memories/blood.

Gayle is a bit of a cold fish and at one point I wanted to slap her for what she said but as the book goes on and we learn more about the characters I thawed towards her a bit. Still livid at one particular thing. The family they are with in Scotland are just lovely and it was a nice contrast to the ladies.

Dysfunctional families, secrets, love, lies, miscommunication, relationships - it has a blend of just about everything. 3.5/5 for me this time, read Morgan before and will read again.

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