Thursday 3 December 2020

December Giveaway

Competition time YAAAAAAAAAY

I love December - I know it can be a hard time of the year for people for a multitude of reasons. It certainly reminds me of those I have lost and who loved this time of year. I embrace December, Christmas and a love of all things TACKY.

It looks like Christmas has vomitted in my house when I get started. I dress in Christmas clothes, I tacky up the house and we have always stuck to the 12 days before 12 days after for decorations up, I may change that this year.

Even Luna is getting a taste of Christmas dress, as allows. She will not tolerate hats or anything but she does seem fine with a bow (long as the bell is removed) and isn't she just a doll.

Anyway back to the competition, up for grabs is X1 gimble book accessory (as pictured) - they keep your book open - I use mine when eating but folk use them out and about. The winner can pick if they want the pink one or the blue one.

We will open this up worldwide, good luck if entering xxx

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